Unifer is able to cut tubes from a diameter of 25mm to 170mm, with disc or laser systems.

3D cut

Through a 5-axis controlled system it is also possible to cut previously perforated and / or deformed pipes.


Drilling on a 6 meter automatic bar system or manual with a range of possible machining diameters between 25mm and 152.4 mm.


Unifer has 15 tube benders and is able to bend tubes in various stages from a diameter of 25mm to 150mm.


Unifer performs various types of deformation on different stages of machining and diameters (mentioned above), including axial multi-pass and spinning deformation, radial and combined with rotation in over various deformations with a hydraulic press with adjacent drilling for fittings.


With 4 robots and 6 controlled axis machines the following types of welding are performed: TIG, MAG and plasma.

Design and internal development

Unifer designs and develops in-house equipment relating to the major manufacturing processes it performs including deformation, bending and welding

Quality control and measurement

Measurements are made with a T-scan laser, a three-dimensional measuring bench and a macrographic test laboratory (for welded components).